Language Acquisition (HENAE6010)

This course provides students with an understanding of the major theories of language acquisition, the development milestones in first and second language development and research-based best practice for supporting the language needs of diverse learners.

Students will learn about the differences and similarities between first and second language acquisition, the major theories of language acquisition, developmental benchmarks and communicative milestones, and the differences between adults and children learning a second language. Socio-cultural and cognitive approaches to language acquisition will be covered. Topics include the acquisition of grammar, vocabulary, phonology and phonetics, semantics and pragmatics, and the development of reading and writing in a second language (in particular academic writing).

Students will also be able to read current research, use research to inform practice, and differentiate instruction for language learners with different needs and language backgrounds. They will be able to interpret professional practice documents relating to language acquisition, such as the curriculum documents, including but not limited to the Australian Curriculum, the Victorian EAL Developmental Continuum, the Communication Milestones of Speech Pathology Australia.

Students will gain an understanding of the various developmental stages in language acquisition across the lifespan, and learn about language drawing on fields such as linguistics, sociology, education, speech pathology, audiology, and psychology.

Single subject short-course cost: $795

Program code: XC01

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