English Language Studies B: Phonetics, Phonology and Oral Communication (HENAE6113)

This course teaches students to identify and understand the sounds of the English language. Australian Standard English, like all languages, in composed of a set of specific sounds, i.e. phonemes, and all words are made up of these sounds.

Understanding the sounds of English, in particular for teaching phonics, speech pathologists, audiologists, and learning integration aides. Students completing this course will be able to identify the sounds that make up any given word of English, articulate and explain these sounds for pedagogical purposes. They will have the skills to transcribe English words in the international phonetic alphabet, and understand place and manner of articulation and the acoustic relations of the phonetics and phonology of English.

The course introduces students to the articulatory and acoustic  ;phonetics and phonology of English, including stress and intonation patterns, and how these function to create meaning in organ communication. Students will be able to identify patterns in English words and sentences. Students will also understand the communication milestones in speech development, and oral communication development across the lifespan. Students will learn about research into how oral language supports literacy development, and evidence-based practices such as phonics instruction. Students will also understand how oral language development supports reading and writing development. The course covers phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, and the grammar associated with spoken discourse and oral communication.

Single subject short-course cost: $795

Program code: XC01

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