English Language Studies A: Grammar and Written Communication (HENAE6011)

This course provides an overview of English grammar and discourse, from the perspective of educational and language sciences. Students completing this course will learn the metalanguage and functions of grammar in Australian Standard English, including the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective etc.), phrases, clause and sentences types. Students will develop the skills and knowledge required to understand and deliver a functional grammar curriculum, including, though not limited to, the grammar-related benchmarks of the Australian National Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum. Grammatical development and milestone in children such as orders of acquisition, and the grammatical development in second language learners will be examined. The current research on grammatical development, grammar pedagogy and evidence-based instructional practices will also be considered. The course will teach students about the relationship between grammar, written communication and discourse. Students will learn about the difference text types needed for literacy, e.g. recounts, information reports, narratives etc. and be able to explicitly articulate how these different text types use grammar in different ways to achieve specific functions. How coherence and cohesion in communication is achieved and its relationship to grammar, will also be studied.

Single subject short-course cost: $795

Program code: XC01

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