150 year innovation program

Problems surround us every day and innovative thinking can be applied to find solutions. Where invention is about creating a new product or service for the first time, innovation is about turning an invention into a product, service or solution that is needed by a group of customers.

The ability to innovate is a life-long skill which can be replicated again and again in all manner of situations, which is why Federation University is partnering with Runway to share these skills with its staff and students. Come and learn the difference between invention and innovation and why they are inextricably linked.

Participation in the 150 year innovation program will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to build your innovation capability. Each phase of the Runway program is designed to work together and complement each other, leading you from invention to innovation, and ultimately it’s execution.

  • Design thinking.This masterclass will teach you how to identify problems, search out solutions and build an innovative response.
  • Bootcamp. Learn how to refine your ideas, pitch them and turn them in to a business you can launch. Bootcamp extends on the learnings of the Design Thinking masterclass.
  • Pitch. Finally, if you want to launch your idea, pitch it at the Federation University Pitch Gala Event for the opportunity to win one of three places in the Runway Incubator Program.

Information sessions - now completed

Watch a recorded information session

We tend to all agree that innovation is necessary but do we all understand who, why and how we can innovate? Everyone can learn to innovate and we can all innovate daily, in both small and big ways. Federation University is a space for learning and growing and there are frameworks and methodologies for innovation which can take these learnings to the next level.

Peter Dostis, the CEO of Runway will talk all things innovation in this one-hour online presentation.

Phase 1: Design thinking -This phase is now completed

In this phase participants learnt the skills of design thinking and how to apply them to real world problems.

Phase 2: Bootcamp

We’ve successfully completed the series of Design Thinking Workshops and now it’s time for Phase two, the Bootcamp.

If you were inspired by the info session, and/or the Design Thinking session we want to take you even further on this innovation journey.

If you missed out on the first steps it’s not too late – Do you have a business idea? Or an innovative idea you would like to pitch to your co-workers or management? Runway’s Bootcamp will help you flesh out your idea, see if it has legs, and give you the skills to develop it into something substantial.

The Bootcamp will teach you how to…

  • use a lean canvas to create and validate a business idea
  • draft a minimum viable product
  • create and deliver a pitch to sell your idea

Runway will work closely with you and your idea through our interactive program and are excited to see what exciting ideas Federation University staff and students have.


Participants will attend a bootcamp which will run over 3 online sessions. (Dates to be advised - Maximum 15 participants per bootcamp)

Format: Over three days you will undertake 2 hours of online learning, to be completed in your own time, prior to participating in live online bootcamp sessions (up 2 hours per day).

Selected participants will be invited to progress to Phase 3 below.

Please keep in mind that numbers are limited and attending the Bootcamp is a commitment.

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Phase 3: Federation University and Runway Pitch Gala

Standout Bootcamp ideas will be given the opportunity to be pitched to a panel of judges who will award the top three a place in the Runway Incubator Program, helping launch the idea into a business over a six-month experiential learning program.


Format and date to be confirmed.