Making an appointment with a Learning Skills Adviser (LSA)

Booking an appointment with a Learning Skills Adviser (LSA)

Click this link to book an appointment with an LSA through the EDGE booking system:

Book an appointment with an LSA

Please note that you can only have one LSA booking at a time. Once your appointment is finished, you will be able to book another appointment.

Using the Edge booking system

If you are unsure about how to make a booking in the EDGE system, you can watch a ‘Booking appointments’ video that shows you how.

ASK Chat

For quick questions, please connect to the ASK Chat to get fast answers from a Student Academic Leader. The ASK Chat operates between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday during semester.

The online details for the ASK service are:

  • ASK chat: Talk to a Student Academic Leader by clicking the ASK Chat button at the top of this page
  • Phone: 5327 6422
  • Email:

Assessment task proofreading and feedback

If you would like to submit your completed assessment task for feedback, please use the Studiosity service.

Contact if you cannot access Studiosity.

LSA Chat

If you have something quick you’d like to discuss with an LSA, but you don’t need a full appointment, then you can connect to the LSA chat at the following times:

  • LSA chat will reopen in Week 3 and operate from 12pm to 2pm Monday to Friday.

LSAs cannot conduct an appointment through LSA chat, nor give feedback on an entire assessment task, as each chat session will run no more than 15 minutes. For this detailed assistance, make an appointment with an LSA using the link above.