After hours online tutoring (Studiosity)

Students can get extra help with just the click of a button.

Studiosity lets students refresh their study skills and ask a real-life expert tutor questions about anything related to study and learning. It could be something they have forgotten from high school, in English, maths, science, research, business studies or other areas. It might be about how to write an essay or answer an assignment question.

Studiosity was previously known as yourtutor. The only change is the name, you can still get the same support.

What is Studiosity?

Studiosity gives students access to one-to-one support from an experienced tutor when and where they need it most – whether on campus, at home, or on the bus! It is online and cloud-based, so there are no appointments needed, no registration required, and no extra software to download; plus it can be used on tablets as well as desktop computers.

When is it available?

Studiosity is available from 3:00pm – 12:00am, six days a week Sunday to Friday during semester. You can access Connect Live during these times and submit your assessment through Writing Feedback at any time (see below for more on these services).

How do students access it?

Students access Studiosity through the 'Study Help' > 'Online tutoring' link in the top navigation panel in Moodle or go directly to the Studiosity Moodle course.

Watch a video about Studiosity (0:53 min)

Studiosity: Study help, anywhere - for tertiary Students from Studiosity on Vimeo.

Connect with a study expert through Connect Live

Stuck on a topic or question?

You can sign in to Studiosity and access Connect Live where a study expert helps you work through the problems in the interactive classroom - with chat, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing.

Essay writing help through Writing Feedback

Have you lost precious marks in essays because of silly mistakes?
Wish you had someone to give you feedback on your work before you hand it in?

Studiosity's Writing Feedback service is here to help you to hand in your best work.

  • Submit your essay, speech, report and assignments any time, day or night
  • Receive detailed feedback from professional tutors within 24 hours

How does Writing Feedback help you with your essay writing?

Writing Feedback is not an essay writing service, but it can help you nail your written assignments by giving you detailed advice on:

  • Essay structure including your introduction, linking sentences, body paragraphs and conclusion.
  • Language choice: is it appropriate for the type of assignment you're working on – e.g. persuasive essay, speech, critical analysis or report?
  • Development of ideas including whether you've adequately answered the question.
  • Referencing: where relevant, we will advise you on your prescribed reference method e.g. Harvard referencing, or other citations.
  • Grammar and spelling: the Studiosity tutors will pick up any mistakes you've made and help you understand how to avoid them in future.

Sound good?

You can access the Writing Feedback service via Studiosity.

Students access Studiosity through the 'Study Help' > 'Online tutoring' link in the top navigation panel in Moodle or go directly to the Studiosity Moodle course.

Contact us

You can contact us by email at or call 1800 333 864 for any enquiries.