Financial delegation

What is Financial Delegation?
A Financial Delegation is the approval to purchase goods or services on the University's behalf and is subject to there being an approved budget in place. An employee needs Financial Delegation in order to perform approvals. Each Financial Delegate is assigned a specific delegation level.

How do I apply for Financial Delegation?
Please refer to the Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender Policy.

To apply for Financial Delegations you will need to complete either of the forms below:

Delegations vary according to HEW level

  • Financial Delegation Application HEW5 Plus [Generally the value limit for HEW5 Plus is $15,000 unless specified in Section 2 - Delegations Limit Table]
  • Designated Purchasing Officer Nomination Form HEW2-4 [There are 3 value limits for a DPO | $2,500 | $5,000 | $10,000]

What is the process when staff move [or are seconded] from one Portfolio/Faculty/Section to another?

  1. Current: Portfolio/Faculty/Section to cancel Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer.
  2. New: Portfolio/Faculty/Section/Staff member to submit a new Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer Application.

Acting in a higher capacity
Please ensure a Financial Delegation is in place when a staff member is acting in a higher capacity [Notification of dates to be published on FedNews under Staffing Changes].

Change of surname
When a staff member has a change of surname - a new Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer Application with the change of surname to be submitted [Surname should correspond with the staff member's name on the Payroll System].

Process for cancelling a Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer application
Email from Faculty Business Manager/Director/Manager or other supervisor who has the responsibility for the management of the staff member to Mandy Trigg to advise the end date for the holder of the Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer application.

Do I need a Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer Delegation if I am the holder of a University Purchasing Card?
Financial Delegation limits should not be confused with Purchasing Card limits.

Members of Council and staff members with a University Purchasing Card need a current Financial Delegation/Designated Purchasing Officer Delegation on the Register. Information is available from the Purchasing Card Policy.