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Richard Lewer. Davidf Coffey, 2013. Oil on epoxy coated steel 100 x 300cm. Courtesy the artist

Richard Lewer

Guirguis New Art Prize 2013

Richard Lewer works across mediums including drawing, painting, video and animation. Often using found materials Lewer references place together with critiquing the beautiful and/or sinister aspects of society. As a contemporary 'social realist', Lewer is interested in exploring Australian culture, in contrast with other countries he has visited around the globe.  

Richard Lewer's new work and triptych will continue his interest in exploring different notions of the artists' role as documenter of the world and the relationship between studio activity and life outside. By exploring local Ballarat identity and world champion wood-chopper David Coffey, Lewer seeks to investigate, uncover and redefine the less popular art of competitive wood-chopping, challenging societal and media attitudes about the notion of success and questioning our interest in the more popular 'glamour' sports within our communities.  

Richard Lewer

Image: David Coffey, 2013. Oil on epoxy coated steel 100 x 300cm. Courtesy the artist.