Lucato Peace Prize

Established in 2004, generously supported by Mr George Lucato, the Lucato Peace Prize was an annual acquisitive art prize open to all enrolled Federation University Australia tertiary students and senior secondary students enrolled at a City of Ballarat secondary school or college.

Prizes were awarded to applicants whose work best illustrated or expressed, 'peaceful alternatives are always preferable to armed confrontations'.

The two categories for the Lucato Peace Prize were;

1st prize (Tertiary education prize) - $2,250.00
2nd prize (Senior secondary school prize) - $750.00

Winners of the Lucato Peace Prize 2004 - 2014 were;

2014 Cassandra McArthur
2013 Lara Russell
2012 Frances Deutsher
2011 Phil Berry
2010 Phil Berry
2009 Phil Berry
2008 Michelle Nelson
2007 Robert Kelty
2006 Emily Duggan
2005 Andrew Broughton
2004 Kerrin Whiting

The Arts Academy, Federation University Australia, was deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Mr George Lucato in 2014 and the consequent cessation of the Lucato Peace Prize.

The Arts Academy wishes to express its gratitude to the late Mr George Lucato and his family, for entrusting the Arts Academy with the responsibility of delivering a unique annual, acquisitive contemporary Art Prize, from 2004 until 2014, that encouraged students to seek creative excellence and examine the important significant personal, social, cultural, political and philosophical issues surrounding the position of peace and the impact of war.