Youth testimonials

Student smiling at camera

Below is a selection of feedback we've received from some of our Youth students about their Fed College experience.


"Throughout the year I've had the experience of meeting new people, making new friendships,and building new relationships with my class mates and teachers".

"I've learnt new things by going on school trips, and the little activities they run are exciting. It makes the school experience more interesting and motivates me to get more involved. This school is also flexible in regards to balancing time around my course and my work, which makes everything easier".


"I chose to study at Federation College because I wanted to be part of a less mainstream school".

"The teachers are friendly and helpful, and I got to do subjects I enjoyed, for example Automotive. I would especially recommend Federation College to people who would prefer a trade as a job, because here they teach you more about trades".


"I chose Federation College because the school provides the best style of education to suit me. The teachers with their approach to teaching make studying easy".

I like how flexible the learning style here is; it allows me to study more at my own pace. I have been studying here at Federation College for two years, and I recommend this school to everyone".


"At the mainstream schools I attended I had some issues getting along with other students, and I was bullied a lot here. So I chose to study at Federation College because here they have a strict policy on bullying".

"Another advantage Federation College offers are the teachers. They are very helpful and friendly, and they try to make the learning as fun as possible. I would recommend Federation College to anyone who doesn't fit in to mainstream schools, or just wants a better learning experience".


"I've been studying at Federation College for two years now, and it has been great".

"At FedCollege the teachers will be there every step of the way to help you get to where you want to be. I know I've gotten to where I wanted to be, and that is a school-based apprentice bricklayer. I recommend to others to come study at Fed College because it's a great place to learn and also have fun".


"Since moving to Federation College at the beginning of 2014 I've made a lot of new friends. School has now become an enjoyable place to be. The teachers are very nice, and there are many courses on offer to suit just about everyone".


"I moved from Geelong to Ballarat and initially it was hard to find a mainstream school. Anew town, a new school, new people – I seemed like just a small drop in a big fishpond. But at Fed College the teachers and the atmosphere made it easy to adapt. The teachers make the effort to meet every individual's requirements. The more relaxed style of study has given me the maturity and motivation to pursue my education. I have just completed my year 12 here. Two years ago that would have seemed impossible going by my previous results. I would recommend Fed College to everyone, especially people who, like me, struggled at a mainstream school".


"I chose Federation College because it was recommended to me by friends. The teachers here are very friendly and helpful. They work with you and are really understanding. I have studied here for almost two years and don't regret deciding to go back to school. I would recommend Federation College to anyone willing to give it a shot".


"Starting at anew school was a scary and gut-wrenching experience, as it had been a year since going to any school. After a couple of weeks I began to return to my bad old ways and stopped attending".

"Fortunately Federation College gave me a second chance to come back full time. Once I returned the College helped me grow as a person, and taught me a lot in terms of building my self-confidence and self-respect".

"I am now basically set up to follow my career path, all thanks to Fed College".


"I came to the Federation College because although a mainstream school wasn't for me I still wanted an education".

"I found my time at Fed College a fun experience. I made lots of friends and with people I normally wouldn't see myself mixing with. The teachers here are all helpful and easy to get along with. My year at Federation College has been a great experience".