Guaranteed ATARs

A Guaranteed ATAR enables you to plan and list your course preferences with confidence. This means that you have complete transparency when choosing your courses and can make informed decisions about your future now. If you receive an ATAR equal to or above this number, meet the course prerequisites and any ‘Essential requirements for admission’, we will guarantee you a place in this course/program.

The Guaranteed ATAR allows you to know the likelihood of receiving an offer into specific programs. However, if you receive an ATAR below this guarantee, you may still receive a place. The lowest ATAR/Selection rank for our programs varies from year to year, and is influenced by the number of applicants for the program at each location, and the number of places available. We will use your adjusted ATAR (selection rank) when determining if you have reached the Guaranteed ATAR.

You can use these guaranteed entry ATARs to guide your preference planning. You should always put your dream program as preference 1, and go for it. But look at programs with a lower guaranteed ATAR that may pathway into your dream program, as a safety net. And remember that you can change your preferences after your Year 12 results are released.

Guaranteed entry programs and the Guaranteed ATAR required

Program nameGuaranteed ATAR
Big Data and Analytics50
Biomedical Science60
Business Information Systems50
Civil Engineering (Honours)60
Cloud and Enterprise Computing50
Community and Human Services50
Community and Human Services/Education70
Criminal Justice50
Education (Early Childhood)55
Education (Early Childhood & Primary)70
Education (Primary and Secondary P-10)70
Education (Primary)70
Education Studies50
Electrical and Information Engineering (Honours)60
Environmental and Conservation Science60
Exercise and Sport Science50
Food and Nutritional Science60
Games Development50
Health and Physical Education70
Health Sciences60
Human Services and Entrepreneurship60
Information Technology (Degree)50
Mathematical Science60
Mathematical Sciences/Education70
Mechanical Engineering (Honours)60
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (Honours)60
Mining Engineering (Honours)60
Mobile App Development50
Networking and Security50
Outdoor and Environmental Education50
Professional Accounting50
Software Development50
Sport Management50
Sport Management/Business60
Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education50
Veterinary and Wildlife Science60