Ensure you apply the following principles in your use of copyright content at Federation University for all technologies.

  • Link to or embed copyright content where possible rather than copying and uploading.
  • Acknowledge/attribute the author/source for all third-party content.
  • Restrict content to enrolled students only and remove when use is complete.
  • Limit the amount of content you make available to only what is required.
  • Use only approved systems for making teaching content available.
  • Make use of open education resources and content through Creative Commons or Open licences.
  • Use only legitimate material - if material is restricted behind a paywall or licence, or is illegitimately made available without the copyright owners permission this is not legitimate material.

Moodle is Federation's central teaching platform and has specialist tools to make copyright readings available to your students with links and rights management in the background. Course readings integrates within Moodle to provide readings to your students which have been copyright assured. They include automated citations.

The University has licences which allow us to make copyright content available to students in certain circumstances, and these are outlined on the teaching guidelines page.

Tools which feed in media and content to Moodle also require vigilance in the choice of content you make available. Any content of others you upload to MyMedia or other areas requires permission, a licence or an exception to use third party content.

Principles for all presentations

  • Attribute all content you did not author.
  • Ensure to identify the content for future years with title, author, and (c) Federation, year.
  • Use the template with included Copyright notice in PPTs for internal presentations.

Presentation restricted to University students on password protected system

Presentations restricted to University staff

You can make use of:

Presentation available to an external audience

You can make use of:

  • Creative Commons or open licenced materials, as our licences do not cover use for external audiences.

Tertiary Music Licence includes many uses within university and in public university events.

There are sites offering music under creative commons or other open licences.

Content uploaded to mymedia and made available through Moodle should be lecturer created content, and only other material limited to broadcast TV, radio or podcast material under our Screenrights licence, insubstantial portion, or material used with permission, or copyright expired. Do not upload material outside of this as it may constitute copyright infringement and leave the University exposed to legal action.

Content uploaded to FedFlix and made publicly available must be Federation created, and any third party content included requires copyright clearance from the copyright owner or use under licence.

Recordings which include third party content require the recording to be paused unless there is a licence, an exception or permission.

Microsoft Teams is not configured to replicate the functions of Moodle, and does not provide the required technical functions for course management, records management, and copyright management that Moodle does. Do no make teaching content or copyright content available on Teams as it may jeopardise our content licences, and the accreditation of courses.

Content uploaded to Mahara and made publicly available must be your own creation, and any third party content included requires copyright clearance from the copyright owner or use under licence.