Outside of University

The licences and provisions which allow use of material for educational purposes within University do not cover the use of material for non-education or external uses.

What are some examples of non-educational use?

  • Presenting material at a conference.
  • Delivering a lecture open to the public.
  • Publishing material in a book/journal/magazine.
  • Making material available on a publicly accessible website (e.g. YouTube or a blog). This includes assessment tasks.
  • Creating/delivering a commercial training course.
  • Entering material into a film festival.
  • Displaying material in a gallery.
  • Using material in your ePortfolio.

How can I use third party copyright material in these situations?

There are several options available:

  • Seek permission from the copyright owner for the anticipated use.
  • Remove the material completely.
  • Replace the material with material available under a suitable licence (e.g. replace images with images available under a Creative Commons licence).

Find tips on obtaining permission on the requesting permissions page.

For further information contact the Copyright Office.