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Marie Hagerty


Marie Hagerty examines the matter of life through paintings that incorporate the curvilinear surface forms of biomorphic abstraction, with references to figurative imagery suffused with an erotic emphasis. Her works are constantly shifting between figuration and abstraction creating alluring and refined hybrid images that seem to be arrested in movement, space, and time.

Hagerty’s work combines layers of influences, from Russian Constructivism to the sources of mid-20th-century design. Surface effects and planes appear to shift and evolve, from the purely formal to the suggestion of sophisticated sexual play. The artist deploys these devices with a precision bordering on surgical skill, as sharply defined edges slice, overlap and interfere with each other in a state of constant visual arousal.

Marie Hagerty

Image: Bela Lugosi, 2018 enamel & oil on canvas 157 x 274cm Courtesy the artist and OLSEN gallery, Sydney