Global Professional School

Students coming to Australia

'Incoming students' are students who are enrolled in a university overseas, and who wish to add to the breadth of their educational experience by coming to Federation University for a semester or two.  Students may also be eligible to use this study experience as credit towards their home degree.

With a wide variety of internationally recognised courses and degrees; a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world; the ability to work part time while studying and the friendly, laid-back culture of Australian life; Federation University offers an international student a unique experience of regional Australia, while still being close to the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Melbourne.

Exchange program

We have exchange agreements with a number of overseas universities.

These agreements allow students from the exchange institution to study at Federation for one, or sometimes two, semesters.

Exchange students will continue to pay the tuition and student activity fees at their home university, rather than paying tuition fees to Federation. This provides an opportunity for students from overseas to continue their studies, whilst travelling to Australian and immersing themselves in the culture and benefits of student life at an Australian university.

Study abroad program

The Study Abroad program is available to students who are not covered by an exchange agreement with Federation University. Normally, Study Abroad students are required to pay tuition fees upfront to study with us.

The Study Abroad program allows students to experience the adventure and the benefits of student life and travel in Australia, along with the opportunity to continue their academic program while being immersed in Australian culture, enrolled in classes with Australian students and undertaking fieldwork and related experiences.

Please contact us for admissions processes.