Before you travel

Travel permissions and responsibilities

Staff intending to travel on University business are required to book 'Business/Travel' leave via the Employee Self-Service System (ESS). However, for overseas travel employees will still be required to complete the University Funded Overseas Travel Application form (pdf, 80.6kb).

Please note: Employees are not required to submit a business/travel leave booking if the leave is for only a part or full day. Travel/business leave requests are only required if the leave is for an overnight stay or the duration of the leave is over multiple days.

It is the travelling staff member and their authorising officer's responsibility to ensure that all travel policies and procedures in respect of travel and related expenses have been adhered to.

Travel allowances

The recommended guidelines for estimating hotel, meals and incidentals costs for domestic travel is the ATO Taxation Determination 2016/13 (pdf, 120.8kb).

Book a travel health consultation

Our Health Centres can provide provide up-to-date travel advice as well as information regarding recommended and required immunisations.

Mt Helen Campus: Ph +61 3 5327 9477

Gippsland Campus: Ph +61 3 5122 6425

Get up-to-date destination information, travel tips and advice

Visit the Smart traveller website to register your travel plans and for:

  • travel advice for countries and events
  • travel info you should know
    • tips
    • staying safe and healthy
    • travelling responsibly
    • when things go wrong