2018 Foundation TAFE Scholarships

The Federation University Australia Foundation had pleasure in awarding 24 Foundation TAFE scholarships, including three Buninyong Community Bank scholarships, to the value of $1000 each.

The scholarships were presented on Monday 30 April 2018 at Mt Helen, and on Wednesday 30 May 2018 at Horsham, to the following students:

  • Erwin Aguilar-Lagos
  • Jayde Bauer
  • Isabella Curavic
  • Lyndall Daly
  • Libby English
  • Georgina Ganley
  • Jackson Gaut
  • Baylee Grigson
  • Narelle Gunn
  • Cody Howard
  • Brock Jackson
  • Renee King
  • Aimee McKenzie
  • David Otto
  • Elizabeth Podboy
  • Jennifer Pont
  • Brittany Romeo
  • Lucy Sleep
  • Joanne Smith
  • Catherine Toro Bernal
  • Sasha Tsobanopoulos
  • Natalie Harrison (Buninyong Community Bank Scholarship)
  • Brigid Lavery (Buninyong Community Bank Scholarship)
  • Janneke Zoontjens (Buninyong Community Bank Scholarship)

From left: Professor Helen Bartlett, Vice-Chancellor and President; 2018 Buninyong Community Bank scholarship recipients, Natalie Harrison, Brigid Lavery, and Janneke Zoontjens; Mr Steve Falconer, Buninyong Community Bank Board member; and Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor.