Example donor thank you

Please note: You don’t need to write too much. Your response can be as simple as a couple of paragraphs saying thank you. The following is just a suggestion if you want to expand a bit further or want more guidance.

[Insert date]

Dear donor/s [include company name i.e. Collier Charitable Fund, or if an ‘in memoriam’ scholarship, ‘Dear xxx family’ i.e. Beyer family]

Say thanks/express your gratitude for the scholarship you were awarded, mentioning it by name

Tell the donor about yourself and how the scholarship will assist you using the following prompts as a guide:

  • What and where are you studying? Which year of study are you in?
  • Why did you choose your area of study or what is your motivation to study in that field?
  • Where do you hope your studies will lead you and what are your goals for the future?
  • How will this scholarship make a difference in your life, financially and in other ways?
  • What will this scholarship support you in doing?
  • Specifically, how will you use the scholarship funds? For example, tools; uniform; travel or placement costs; computer; textbooks; allows you to work less etc
  • Anything else you might like to add, obstacles or hardships, personal or family circumstances

Kind regards/Yours sincerely/Thank you,

[Insert your full name]

Particularly if you have received a ‘named’ scholarship, please take the time to read the information provided on our website about the person or company it is named for, which may inform your letter.