2015 Foundation Scholarship recipients

The Federation University Australia Foundation had pleasure in awarding twelve scholarships in 2015.

The University presented Foundation Scholarships to eight students at the Mt Helen Campus on Thursday 7 May 2015 and one Ian Alexander Gordon Scholarship.

The 2015 recipients were:

  • Tammy Anderson  (TAFE)
  • Shane Anstee        (Higher Education)
  • Aline Bakulikira      (Higher Education)
  • Rhonda Bell            (TAFE)
  • Bianca Brant          (Higher Education)
  • Belinda Collier        (Higher Education)
  • Elizabeth Dyer        (Higher Education)
  • Alicia Linnane         (Higher Education
  • Yvonne Lo              (Higher Education)
  • Dianne Robertson  (Higher Education)
  • Caroline Eldridge     (TAFE)
  • Darren Thomas       (Higher Education)      Ian Alexander Gordon Scholarship

2015 Foundation Scholarship recipients

From left front row: Aline Bakulikira, Alicia Linnane, Dianne Robertson, Darren Thomas, Belinda Collier

Front left back row: Elizabeth Dyer, Caroline Eldridge, Bianca Brant, Shane Anstee

Absent:  Tammy Anderson, Rhonda Bell, Yvonne Lo

One student was presented at the Horsham Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 28 May 2015.

Yvonne Lo with the Chancellor

Yvonne Lo and Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor (above) at the Horsham Graduation Ceremony

Image - Rhonda Bell

Mr Geoff Lord, Head of Wimmera Campus and Rhonda Bell (above) at the Horsham Campus.

Tammy Anderson

Tammy Anderson (above)

Shane Anstee

Shane Anstee (above)

Aline Bakulikira - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipientT

Aline Bakulikira (above)

Bianca Brant - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Bianca Brant (above)

Belinda Collier - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Belinda Collier (above)

Elizabeth Dyer - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Elizabeth Dyer (above)

Caroline Eldridge - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Caroline Eldridge (above)

Alicia Linnane - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Alicia Linnane (above)

Dianne Robertson - 2015 Foundation Scholarship recipient

Dianne Robertson (above)

Darren Thomas - 2015 Ian Alexander Gordon scholarship

Darren Thomas (above)