Study abroad and exchange programs

What is study abroad and exchange?

The University's 'study abroad and exchange' programs provide opportunities for students already enrolled in a university overseas to add to the breadth of their educational experience by coming to FedUni to continue their studies and to count the studies towards their home degree.

Qualified study abroad and exchange students from the University's official exchange institutions, are welcome to enrol in either one or two semester programs in a wide range of academic areas.

Study abroad

The Study Abroad program at Federation University Australia allows you to experience the adventure and the benefits of student life and travel in Australia along with the opportunity to continue your academic program while being immersed in Australian culture, enrolled in classes with Australian students and undertaking fieldwork and related experiences.

The program is available for students from most universities around the world.


Federation University Australia has Exchange agreements (pdf, 127KB) with a number of overseas universities. These agreements allow students to study at the exchange institution for one or sometimes two semesters, and provide an opportunity for students from overseas to continue their studies while experiencing the adventure and benefits of student life and travel in Australia.


OS-HELP is a loan program that can provide financial assistance to eligible Commonwealth-supported students wishing to undertake part of their study overseas. Eligible students may borrow up to AUD$7,500.00 (2015) per study period for one or two study periods of overseas study.

Please refer to the OS-HELP Student Eligibility Requirements (pdf, 208kb) for additional information.

Applications for 2015 are now open! The deadlines for 2015 Applications close on the following dates:

27th February 2015

19th June 2015

25th September 2015

Apply for an OS-HELP loan here! (pdf, 79kb)


For further information regarding Study Abroad, Exchange and OS-HELP loans, please contact or call (03) 5327 9009.