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How to disclose or report

We are here to help you

We want you to feel safe and to thrive at Federation University. If you or someone you know has experienced harassment, violence or threats of violence, including sexual harm, we can support you. There are options for support or to take action if that is what you want.

If you are in immediate danger or feel very unsafe, you can call campus security, the police or ask one of the staff contacts below to do this for you.

You can choose to either disclose or report.


This is telling someone. There are Federation University staff who are trained to listen to your disclosure and respond in a trauma-informed way, which means knowing ways to support you, help you to make an informed choice and to feel safer. If you want the University to do something about the situation or person who is causing harm, you may also choose to report.

You can ring or email Student Equity and Inclusion to make a safe and confidential disclosure, to get assistance in accessing supports or to get more information if you are thinking about disclosing or reporting.

You can safely disclose to:

Many of our frontline staff are trained in providing students with immediate support and referral to the services listed on this page as well as external supports. You may also wish to contact these support services directly.


This is also telling someone, but with the expectation that they will do something about it. When you report you will be given options for some pathways for action. You don't have to take the action yourself - there are different actions the University can take on your behalf to stop and prevent further concerning behaviour. We will also take steps to make sure you aren't treated badly or unfairly for reporting (victimisation).

If you wish to report an incident, you can click on the ‘Student reporting form’ on this page or call / email Student Equity and Inclusion for an appointment.

You can safely report to:

Student Equity and Inclusion
Ph: (03) 5327 6461

Secure online portal
Student reporting form >