Global Professional School

Changing education providers

If you wish to transfer to another education provider within the first six months of your principal program at Federation University, you need to apply for Release.

Your application will be assessed according to the University's Transfer Between Registered Providers Procedure.

Circumstances in which we will grant the transfer request because the transfer is in the overseas students’ best interests, include, but are not limited to where we have assessed that:

  • You will be reported because you are unable to achieve satisfactory course progress at the level you are studying, even after engaging with the registered provider’s intervention strategy to assist the student in accordance with Standard 8 (Overseas student visa requirements) of the National Code;
  • There is evidence of compassionate or compelling circumstances;
  • We fail to deliver the program as outlined in your offer letter;
  • There is evidence that your reasonable expectations about your current program/qualification are not being met;
  • There is evidence that you have been misled by us or an education or migration agent regarding your program and the program is therefore unsuitable to their needs and/or study objective; or
  • An appeal (internal or external) on another matter results in a decision or recommendation to release you.

You are required to provide documentation to support your application to transfer to another registered provider.