2016 Foundation Commencing Scholarship

The Federation University Australia Foundation had pleasure in awarding 11 Foundation Commencing scholarships valued up to $7000 each in 2016. The scholarships were presented at two events, on Tuesday 4 May 2016 at Mt Helen, and Wednesday 15 June 2016 at Gippsland, to the following students:

  • Katrina-Louisa Beer (Higher Education)
  • Cassandra Coad (Higher Education)
  • Nathan Finley (TAFE)
  • Bethany Harrison (Higher Education)
  • Deanne Hayes (Ian Alexander Gordon scholarship)
  • Amber Leslie (Higher Education)
  • Lisa McClellan (Higher Education)
  • Sheila Meaker (Higher Education)
  • Erin Mitchel (Carol Lynette Grant [Prowse] scholarship)
  • Jill Philpotts (Higher Education)
  • Kristie Russell (Higher Education)

From left: Deanne Hayes; Bethany Harrison; Erin Mitchell; Katrina-Louisa Beer; Tara Schultz;  Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor; Jill Philpotts; Joshua Callander; Rebecca Bredin; Nathan Finley; and Troy McLean.

From left: Kristie Russell; and Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor.