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Master of Information Technology

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Federation University Australia was established in 2014 through the joining of the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University. Both institutions have long and proud histories, with different names over time and combining various centres. What was the name of the institution you studied under (e.g. School of Mines, Ballarat College of Education, Monash University, Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education)?

I started my course with University of Ballarat, and graduated with Federation University of Australia

What did you enjoy about studying your program and what were the best aspects of the program? How did the program prepare for you work? Where are you working now and what job do you have?

I enjoyed this course very much. It helped me lay a solid foundation for computer programming. I specially enjoyed the programming and website development subjects. This program had offered sufficient information for me to become a junior level software developer, especially a junior web developer. I am now working in Melbourne for one of the biggest Australian IT consultant companies called DiUS Computing as a software engineer.

What is your favourite memory – the one thing you reminisce about the most from your time at Uni, and why?

My favourite memory was the times when I had programming labs with my fellow classmates and my tutors. We would do pair programming, work together to tackle an issue. It was great fun and good company. There's so much joy and laughter, and best of all if we got stuck, we always had our tutor to help us out.

At FedUni we are proud of our history, and we want to keep it alive. Tell us an interesting story from your time with us (e.g. was there a favourite Academic staff member, a special place on campus, a mascot or a tradition that you remember)

I maintained a daily routine throughout my 2 years' studies at Federation University. I would catch my 'personal Bus 10'  (very few people on the bus in early morning, most of them it would be just me and the driver)in the morning from Ballarat Train station at 7:21 in the morning and get into Mt. Helen Campus at around 7:45. Then I would go to my favourite computer lab and turn on 'my computer'. I would review what I learned the day before and go through the learning materials for that day. If I have any questions, I would go to my lecturers/tutors (luckily, they are just in the office next door). I would knock on the door and ask the question. I know most of the lecturers/tutors in the IT faculty. Here, I would like to give my big thanks to Grant Meredith, Sally Fermin, Alastair Lansley, Kylie Turville, Phil Smith, and Richard Dazeley. With their help and my own efforts, I was invited to join the Golden Key Society, and I was also awarded an Academic Excellence Award in 2014. Those 2 years of studies had helped me successfully win a place in the Australian IT industry. It was a wise choice of me to have ever studied at Federation University.

If you had to describe your time at Uni and how it has benefited you, what would you say?

I enjoyed each and every day of my time at Federation University. The teaching staff is so friendly and helpful. My learning experiences at Federation University played a tremendous role in helping me getting into the labour marketing and settling in to the Australian society.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

If you ever want to study in Australia, Federation University is the way to go! Come and learn to succeed!