MH SUBARI, Ily Azzedine Alaia


Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)

Graduation year


Country of origin


Ily Azzedine recently graduated from her Biotechnology degree at FedUni. ‘The best part of the course was the research,’ says Ily. ‘I was able to gain experience and do experiments using all the up-to-date, high-tech equipment. It made me feel like a real scientist.

‘The course has been really interactive and the lecturers have taught me so much. The facilities here at FedUni are second-to-none. And, outside of the laboratories, I always felt comfortable and productive studying on campus, in the library or the student lounge.

‘I chose this course because I’ve always wanted to be a scientist. I love the idea that we can exploit the cellular or biological machinery of microorganisms, plants and animals to extract benefits for humanity.’