DRIVER, Strobe

Strobe Driver photoDegree

Bachelor of Arts (Humanities in Social Sciences) in 2004;
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2005; and
Doctor of Philosophy in 2011

Since graduating in 2011 I have concentrated on gaining experience in lecturing and tutoring in the Sociology and History fields of academic pursuit and in the process have tried to build up a more solid understanding of the way in which my doctoral studies have been able to contribute to an understanding and interpretation of history. Combined with this I have continued with focussing my interests to a more geographical closer location – the Asia-Pacific (A-P).

In the time since my studies have ended, I have also managed to coordinate several subjects such as Sociology in Australia which deals with the unique aspects of Australian culture Japan: Economy and Society which is a course designed by the School of Education and Arts Associate Dean Dr Jeremy Smith which emphasises the importance and/or influence of Japan in the region as well as the International arena which addresses issues in the contemporary political situations and the role of the United Nations.

In keeping with the International Relations component of my doctoral studies I have written newspaper articles with regard to the United Nations Security Council and its inaction with regard to the crisis in Syria, the complexities of North Korea in the region, and also an article on the European Union and the necessity for it to remain solid in the face of recession in order to remain a future influence in a globalised world.

The peer-reviewed articles I have written and submitted for examination consist of a re-examination of war in the light of history with regard to the Pacific phase of the Second World War, as well as the rise of China in the Asia-Pacific region. I intend to keep with geo-strategic analysis and the interpretations that are needed in the twenty-first century in keeping with the focus of my thesis which dealt with the changing face of warfare.