International Women's day across Federation University

An equal world is an enabled world

That's the message for International Women's Day but what does that mean in the university and TAFE setting? Across Federation, staff at Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland have come together to consider how we can work collectively to create an equal world.

Panel discussions looking at causes of inequity and our whole of organisation approach to ensure equal participation in the workplace through initiatives such as:

  • Science in Australia Gender Equality (SAGE) Bronze Award and Action Plan – the three-year action plan outlines clear objectives to ensure that women in STEM academic roles and research have equity in recruitment, promotion, career planning and progression and research development and support.
  • WGEA Workplace of Choice – Actions have progressed for Federation University to become a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Workplace of Choice.
  • An online unconscious bias training pilot
  • Academic promotion processes and supports reviewed and training in achievement relative to opportunity and unconscious bias provided to the panel
  • ‘Prevent and Respond to Discrimination and Harassment’ and ‘Equal Rights Are Your Rights’ online training for students.