We serve regional needs by establishing research programs in critical areas. These programs aim to attract the best researchers in their respective fields to our campuses from around Australia and globally, so that we are better able to understand and address the challenges that face regional communities here and abroad.

Ours is a commitment to a carefully targeted number of outstanding research programs that deliver real outcomes and tangible benefits for our regional sustainability and our shared future.

Addressing the challenges of our regions

Our research areas include:

  • Regional studies
  • Community resilience
  • Rural health and ageing
  • Innovation in coal, geotechnical and hydrogeotechnical engineering
  • Agricultural, environmental and animal science

Attracting and retaining the best people

We provide resources and support to our research programs so that they demonstrate the national and international prestige required to attract and retain the best researchers in their fields. We bring students and academics to our campuses from across the country, while also taking deliberate steps to retain those already in the region.

Leveraging our research reputation for regional benefit

We pursue research collaborations with leading international institutions – including those with whom we establish educational partnership – and use these to the benefit of industries, businesses and organisations in regional Victoria seeking to access global exposure, interest and investment.