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Website post, page (general treatment)

In-text citations


There are arguments for and against various types of commas … (Niko2)

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " ".

"I prefer to use the serial comma even though most French texts do not." (Niko2).

Works cited


Author. “Title of Post or Page.” Website Name. Publisher/Sponsor of website, publication date, URL.

Howard, Cerise. "2012 Fribourg International Film Festival." Australian Film Critics Association. Australian Film Critics Association, 11 Aug. 2012,

Niko2. "serial comma / oxford comma." WordReference Language Forums, 10 Apr. 2007,

  • Give the name of the person or group who created the post or page, and the title in quotation marks. If there is no title, give a short descriptive phrase (no quotation marks).
  • Give the name of the website, the publisher/sponsor of the site, and the year or specific date of the post or page (as displayed on the individual post or page).
  • For information on how to reference YouTube videos in MLA, please visit the YouTube video section under Audiovisual material or Online discussion or social media.”