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Online with DOI

In-text citations


According to Krueger and Gray (2013, p. 201) the influenza virus originated in pigs during ...

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between single quotation marks ' ' and provide the page number(s) from the journal.

'Influenza-like illness in pigs was first recognised ...' (Krueger & Gray 2013, p. 201).

Reference list


Author Year, ‘Article title’, Journal Name, vol. X, no. X, pp. xx–xx. DOI or URL


Krueger, WS & Gray, GC 2013, ‘Swine influenza virus infections in man’, Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, vol. 370, pp. 201-225, doi: 10.1007/82_2012_268

  • If source is an abstract, letter, or review, add ‘abstract’, ‘letter to the editor’ or ‘review of …’ (name work reviewed)’ after title.
  • Capitalise first letter of all major words in the journal name.
  • Give volume number (vol.) and issue number (no.) as an abbreviation, no italics.
  • Give page range of article if page numbers are shown (with ‘p.’ or ‘pp.’).
  • DOI: Give DOI for print as well as online articles if one has been assigned.
  • ONLINE: Give URL only if no DOI. Introduce URL with ‘viewed (date)’ if the article is accessible only via login or behind a paywall.