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Audio book or recording

In-text citations


Trekking on the Kokoda track can be … (FitzSimons 2011).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between single quotation marks ' ' and provide the year and a timestamp to indicate the exact starting point of the quote.

FitzSimons (2011)  believes that 'the history of the Kokoda track can be traced back to …' (min. 4.50).

Reference list


Author Year, Title, Reader, Format, Label, City OR DOI/URL


FitzSimons, P 2011, Kokoda, L FitzGerald, reader, CD, ABC Audio, Sydney.


Dickens, C 2013, Oliver Twist, P Batchelor, reader, audio file, available from

  • Treat author, year and title as for basic book.
  • Add reader’s name, and recording format.
  • If physical media (e.g., CD), give name and place of record label.
  • If accessed online, give retrieval details (‘viewed [date], URL); use ‘available from’ if purchase is required.