Indirect citations

In-text citations

Hilferty1 describes the nature of teacher professionalism as "an evolving idea that responds to political, social & historical contexts" (qtd. in Meldrum and Peters 109).

Footnote (original source)

1.   Fiona Hilferty. “Teacher Professionalism and Cultural Diversity: Skills, Knowledge and Values for a Changing Australia.” Australian Educational Researcher, vol. 35, no. 3, 2008, pp. 53–70.

Works Cited

Meldrum, Kathryn, and Jacqui Peters. Learning to Teach Health and Physical Education: The Student, the Teacher and the Curriculum. Pearson Australia, 2012.


  • When using a source that you have found in another (secondary) source, refer to the original in your writing but add its details as a footnote only. Give a Works Cited entry and an in-text citation for the source you accessed (the secondary source).
  • To make it clear that you have used a secondary source, making an indirect citation, include "cited in" (or "qtd. In" for a quotation) in the in-text citation.