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Dysfunctional driving behaviours can be an enormous issue … (Reid 15).

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"Dysfunctional driving behaviours can lead to … " (Reid 65).

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Reid, John Maxwell. A Cognitive Study Of Dysfunctional Driving Behaviours. 1998. U of Melbourne, Doctoral thesis.

  • If the thesis is bound and available to be publicly consulted, it is considered published.


Ryan, David Andrew. Crowd Monitoring Using Computer Vision.  2013.  Queensland U of Technology, PhD thesis. QUT ePrints,


Lorentz, Jonathan. The Improvisational Process of Saxophonist George Garzone with Analysis of Selected Jazz Solos from 1995-1999. 2008. New York U, PhD thesis, ProQuest,

  • If the full text of the thesis can be accessed on a database such as ProQuest or EThOS, it is considered published.
    MLA  does not distinguish between published and unpublished dissertations