Report, government or corporate

In-text citations


This report reveals that Australia's health has … (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  5).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s).

"The state of Australia's health has stimulated research in …" (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 23).

Works cited


Print report

Name of Organisation, Name of Department. Title of Work. Publisher, Date of Publication.

Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books. Annual Report. British Library Board, 1986.

Online report

Title of Report. Publisher, Date of Publication, URL.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework: 2017 Report. Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council, 2017,

  • Do not include The before the name of any organisation in the works-cited list.
  • For Australian Government reports, the publisher is usually the same as the author, so to avoid repetition, it is only listed under publisher.

Print government report

Name of Government, Name of Government Agency. Title of Work. Name of Government, Date of Publication.

​Victorian Government, Department of Sustainability and Environment. Code of Practice for Bushfire Management on Public Land. Victorian Government, 2012.

  • When a government agency is the author, begin with the name of the government, and then list the name of the department, as shown in the example.
  • Do not include 'The' before the name of any organisation.

Government announcement / media release

Title of Work, Day Month Year, URL.

State Government Victoria. Emergency Response Times, 30 Oct. 2017,

Australian Bureau of Statistics media release

Title of Work. Catalogue no., Australian Bureau of Statistics, Release Date, URL.

Water Use on Australian Farms. No. 4618.0, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 7 July 2017,

  • As Australian Bureau of Statistics is both the author and publisher of this work, skip the author element.

Print fact-sheet

Name of Government, Name of Government Agency (if applicable). Title of Work. Publisher, Year. Fact sheet.

Victoria. Dept. of Education & Training. Resources for inclusion. Melbourne: Author, 2015. Fact sheet.

  • Check with your teacher or lecturer before using a fact-sheet as a reference source. These are usually not acceptable as academic sources unless as objects of research.
  • Give author. Use common abbreviations for groups’ e.g. ‘Dept. of Defence’, ‘Dept. of Treasury and Finance.’
  • Give title of report in italics. Add any series name or number (no italics) after title.
  • Give publication details. If published by author, use the word ‘Author’ for publisher name.
  • ONLINE: Add website name (italics), publisher and publication date, and retrieval date.