In-text citations


Jim Hunt has reported that the assassin of President Kennedy … (1).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) from the newspaper. If no page numbers are provided, then include the paragraph number.

"The death of President Kennedy has impacted people world over …" (Hunt 1, para. 1).

Works Cited


Author. “Article Title.” Newspaper/Magazine Name [City (if not in name)] Day Month Year, page range.  


Hunt, Jim. “Assassin Kills Kennedy.” Chicago Tribune, 22 Nov. 1963, p. 1+.

Litson, Jo. “Pulse of the Times.” The Australian, 7 May 2004, p. 17.

Smith, John.”Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII.” Star-Ledger [Newark]. 2 Feb. 2009, pp. 4-6.

Separate section

Rousseau, Nina. “Arrival of the Spice Setters.” The Age [Melbourne] 3 June 2008, Epicure sec.: p. 4.

  • Give author, or start with title if no author.
  • Give title (quotation marks). If needed, add description (e.g., Letter) before title, or give alone.
  • Give newspaper/magazine name (italics). Omit "The" if at beginning. If city is not in name, add this in square brackets, no italics. If separate section, add name (no italics) after title.
  • Give date of publication followed by page numbers. If non-consecutive, add plus sign (See: Newspapers - No consecutive page numbers).
  • For works that are anonymously authored, or have no author, include a shortened version of the title in the in-text citation (do not list the author as "anonymous", nor as "anon.").