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According to Alice Mills and Jeremy Smith taboo in literature is … (23).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) from the book.

"Infectious disease is a topic that …" (Brown 83).

Works Cited



Editor/s. Book title. Publisher, Year.

Mills, Alice, and Jeremy Smith, editors. Utter Silence: Voicing the Unspeakable. Peter Lang, 2001.


Chapter author. Chapter title. Book title, edited by editor/s name(s) (given name then surname), Publisher, Year, Chapter page range.

Brown, Janet. “Silence, Taboo and Infectious Disease.” Utter Silence: Voicing the Unspeakable, edited by Alice Mills and Jeremy Smith, Peter Lang, 2001, pp. 83–91.

  • BASIC: Give author, title (italics), place and name of publisher and year, and publication medium.
  • DIFFERENT EDITION: Add edition description after title. Edition information is only given for editions other than the first. If no edition statement is shown on the book, assume it is the first (and no statement needed).
  • EDITED COLLECTION: Give editor/s in author position followed by ‘editor.’ or ‘editors’.
  • CHAPTER FROM EDITED COLLECTION: Give chapter title (in quotation marks). Give book title (in italics). Give editor/s name/s (given name then surname) preceded by 'edited by'.