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Martin Andrews  presents a reading of Philip Larkin's poems which span …

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Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " ".

"The poems of Philip Larkin have been loved by many generations because …" (Andrews).

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Performer/Speaker. “Title of Performance.” Title of Whole Work. Venue, City. Day Month Year of performance. Form.

Andrews, Martin. “The Poems of Philip Larkin.” Poetry Live. Federation Square, Melbourne. 15 June 2012. Reading.

Perfect, Eddie. Misanthropology. The Famous Spiegeltent, Sydney. 13 Jan. 2011. Performance.

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  • Give title in italics if it is a stand-alone production. If part of a larger work, or if a speech or lecture, use quotation marks.
  • Give name and location of venue, date of performance, and form (e.g., Reading, Lecture, Performance).