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Seinfeld and Callner (1998) have been involved in recent Broadway play …

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between single quotation marks ' ' and provide the year and a timestamp to indicate the exact starting point of the quote.

'I'm telling you for the last time don't ...' (Seinfeld & Callner 1998, min. 20:15).

Reference list


Performer (role) Year Title, by Author, format, date, label/company, City, viewed date OR DOI/URL


Seinfeld, J (performer) & Callner, M (director) 1998, I’m telling you for the last time: Live on Broadway, CD, performance recorded August 9, 1998, Universal, Los Angeles.

  • LIVE PERFORMANCES: These are not recoverable so they are not included in the reference list but can be referred to in the text. Add any identifying details not already in the surrounding sentence in round brackets (e.g., ‘In her Adelaide performance (Festival Theatre, May 6, 2008), Anne Ford …’
  • RECORDINGS OF LIVE PERFORMANCES: These are recoverable so can be included in the reference list. Format entry according to the category of material. Add original recording date if different or more specific than publication date.
  • PERFORMER role in this context could be director, choreographer, performer, etc.
  • FORMAT in this context could be theatre performance, dance performance, concert performance, etc.