2016 Foundation Scholarship

The Federation University Australia Foundation had pleasure in awarding 18 scholarships of $7000 each in 2016 including one Ian Alexander Gordon Scholarship and one Carol Lynette Grant (Prowse) scholarship, two Gippsland Education Precinct Bursaries and one Brian Mackenzie Gippsland Bursary.

The Foundation made the scholarship presentations at the Mt Helen campus on Tuesday 3 May 2016 and at the Churchill campus on Wednesday 15 June 2016.

From left: Deanne Hayes; Bethany Harrison; Erin Mitchell; Katrina-Louisa Beer; Tara Schultz;  Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor; Jill Philpotts; Joshua Callander; Rebecca Bredin; Nathan Finley; and Troy McLean.

From left: Dr Harry Ballis, Head of Campus, Gippsland; Danielle Brandon; Harrison Carter; Kristie Russell; and Dr Paul Hemming, Chancellor.


  • Katrina Beer (Higher Education)
  • Rebecca Bredin (Higher Education)
  • Joshua Callander (Higher Education)
  • Cassandra Coad (Higher Education)
  • Nathan Finley (TAFE)
  • Bethany Harrison (Higher Education)
  • Deanne Hayes (Higher Education) Ian Alexander Gordon Scholarship
  • Cassandra Kelly (Higher Education)
  • Amber Leslie (Higher Education)
  • Lisa McClellan (Higher Education)
  • Troy Mclean (Higher Education)
  • Sheila Meaker (Higher Education)
  • Erin Mitchell (Higher Education) Carol Lynette Grant Prowse scholarship
  • Jill Philpotts (Higher Education)
  • Kristie Russell (Higher Education)
  • Tara Schultz (Higher Education)
  • Robyn Smulders (TAFE)
  • Candice Stocks (Higher Education)
  • Danielle Brandon    Gippsland Education Precinct Bursary
  • Harrison Carter       Brian Mackenzie Gippsland Bursary
  • Rebecca Massimi   Gippsland Education Precinct Bursary