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Equity and safety policies

Your rights at Federation University are protected by policies and procedures that tell you what behaviours aren't acceptable and what can happen if you report.

  • Your right to not be harassed (including sexual harassment) or discriminated against is protected under the Equal Opportunity and Valuing Diversity Policy
  • The options available if you make a complaint (disclosure or report) about discriminatory harassment (related to a protected attribute) are outlined in our complaint procedure. The options available if you make a complaint (disclosure or report) related to sexual harm is outlined in our sexual harm policy and procedure. Student Equity and Inclusion can assist in navigating these options and provide assistance throughout the process.
  • If you are a staff member who feels they are being bullied, you can find out about how to get help from the Bullying Prevention and Management Policy and the Bullying Prevention and Management Procedure
  • Other negative or inappropriate behaviour may constitute general misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct Policy, and are not tolerated at Federation University. General misconduct may result in penalties including being excluded from university. If you have any of these concerns, tell a lecturer, tutor or School Grievance Officer and access the Complaints Management Procedure.
  • For any concerns about the welfare of a child read our Child Safe Policy
  • Federation University stands with and supports victims of family violence. We can help you to feel safe at work and provide leave and additional support. Find out more by reading our Family and Domestic Violence Policy and our Family and Domestic Violence Procedure.