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Change The Course report

Change starts here. We are working across our university community with staff and students to prevent sexual harm and ensure a safe place where everyone is treated with respect.

In 2017, the Australian Human Rights Commission released Change The Course - a national report on sexual harassment and sexual assault at Australian universities.

Since the release of the report, we have taken action on all nine recommendations of the report including:

  • Developing and delivering online and in-person training, in consultation with the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA), about discrimination, harassment, sexual harm and consent to all students at orientation.
  • Delivering intensive in-person training to student leaders such as mentors, residential advisers and senate members, which includes how to respond to disclosures and bystander intervention.
  • Creating the Respect. Now. Always team of senior university representatives and student leaders to constantly review and improve processes and actions
  • Reviewing and strengthening our counselling service in line with report recommendations

We have a current project underway to provide a secure online reporting and disclosing portal for students which will link to a whole-of-university confidential recording system to track the number and nature of complaints without identifying individuals.

Our Safer Campuses team reviews the actions taken on de-identified matters of concern to ensure a coordinated approach to improving safety across the university for our students and staff.

We are doing so much more - these are just a few examples.

We welcome feedback or suggestions about our approach to preventing sexual harm.

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