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The conference offers two streams this year

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

Check-list for submissions

"Download all templates from the links above"

  • Abstracts must be submitted on the approved templates (word limit 200)
  • Abstract title (word limit 12)
  • Abstracts must be signed and approved by principal supervisor
  • All supervisors must be listed in your abstract
  • A clear digital passport size photo of your face (jpeg) must be submitted with your abstract
  • Abstracts for both streams must be emailed by Tuesday 4 June to
  • All PowerPoint presentations must be on FedUni-branded templates (download from above links)
  • PowerPoint presentations must be emailed to by Monday 15 July
  • Posters must be on FedUni-branded templates (download from above links)
  • Poster file must be emailed to by Monday 8 July (the cost of printing posters will be covered by your School)

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit a presentation and a poster?
Yes, you are welcome to submit to both streams.

Does my supervisor have to approve my poster or talk?
Yes, your principal supervisor should be aware of and approve what you are presenting.

Can I change my presentation after I submit it?
No. You must submit your final PowerPoint presentation by Monday 15 July.

Can I use my own template rather than the FedUni one for my Powerpoint Presentation?
No. You must use the FedUni template (downloads are on the conference website under 'Oral Presentation'). The front slide (title slide) must not be altered, it must include the Federation University Australia logo and your School. You can alter other slides of the template to fit graphics you may need for your presentation.

How long is my Oral Presentation talk?
The total time allocated for a presentation is 15 minutes.  Your talk must be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, which will leave time for audience participation of 5 minutes. The session chair will start a 10 minute timer when you commence your talk, then hold up a warning card at 2 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Once the sound of the alarm goes the session chair will ask you to stop presenting (going overtime may affect your overall score and feedback).