Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Students who excel in their undergraduate degree are eligible to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Science (Honours) program.

Honours is an intensive research-based program requiring an extra year of full-time study (or 18 months part time study) on top of your undergraduate degree.

What is honours?

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) - SZ8, is a fourth-year program for graduates of all Science, Information Technology and Mathematical Science undergraduate degrees. Students in any science discipline who excel in their undergraduate degree (generally GPA >6) are eligible to apply for entry into the Honours program.

Honours students engage in an individual research project under the close supervision of an academic staff member with relevant expertise in their chosen field. Students also complete theoretical coursework designed to complement their research and develop key skills in communication, critical analysis and project management, equipping them for independent research roles in the workplace or for entry into postgraduate research programs.

For more program information, please visit the Federation University Course Finder, or see honours courses and assessment.

Why complete an honours year?

For some students completing honours is the first step towards building an academic research career and pursuing post graduate study. However, completing an Honours year also offers many benefits to those looking to boost their marketability in an increasingly competitive job market.

Honours gives you the opportunity to

  • Get experience in real scientific research
  • Extend your knowledge in a specialist field of interest
  • Contribute new knowledge to your field (with possibility of publication)
  • Develop workplace skills attractive to employers
  • Use advanced techniques and equipment and broaden your technical skill set

Honours can be challenging, the level of independence expected of students represents a significant change from previous undergraduate courses. However, most students find that their Honours year is an extremely rewarding experience.

If you would like more information about the Bachelor of Science (Honours) please contact the Honours co-ordinator for your campus.

Bachelor of Science (honours) – SZ8

Mt Helen: Dr Nicholas Schultz
+613 5327 9681

Gippsland: Dr. David Smith
+613 5122 6023

Berwick: Rob Bischof
+613 4313 7930