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The Council is the governing authority of the University as prescribed by the Federation University Australia Act 2010 (Vic), responsible for the direction and superintendence of the University.


The Council may delegate certain functions to Committees and management for the effective governance of the University including academic governance.

Charters for Council and its Committees established under delegations clearly define the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities for the following governance bodies:

  1. Council
  2. Governance and Strategy Committee (Standing Committee of Council)
  3. Audit and Risk Management Committee (Standing Committee of Council)
  4. Resources Committee (Standing Committee of Council)
  5. Senior Appointments and Remuneration Committee (Standing Committee of Council)
  6. Inclusion Committee (Standing Committee of Council)
  7. Investment Management Subcommittee (Standing Committee of Council)


2024 University Council and Committees Meeting Calendar

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