Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic body of the University. The purpose of Academic Board is twofold: firstly to provide academic oversight of prescribed academic programs and courses of study of higher education and VET in the University; and secondly to provide advice to Council on the conduct and content of those programs and courses.

In particular, the Academic Board is responsible for:

  • creating awareness of and providing leadership in relation to contemporary educational issues;
  • establishing a quality assurance framework for learning, teaching and research;
  • recommending and reporting to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to learning, teaching and research;
  • regularly reviewing and evaluating the performance of the Academic Board and reporting outcomes to Council; and lastly it
  • provides Council with any requested information.

The Board comprises 27 members of which 17 are ex officio members taken from senior academic and teaching staff and members of the senior management team, 10 elected and two appointed members from teaching and general staff and students across the University.