Creating surveys (LimeSurvey)

LimeSurvey is the internal survey tool used at the University.

LimeSurvey is a free tool where staff can create unlimited Federation-branded surveys to collect data for teaching and research purposes. Surveys can be short and simple or long and have conditions applied. Data is stored internally and staff have full control over survey structure and data exporting.

Enquiries requesting new accounts or support requests, should be directed to Centre of Learning Innovation Professional Practice (CLIPP). These support requests can be logged through the Service Desk Portal.

How to design a good survey

Below are some useful links on how to design effective surveys.

Federation student surveys: Policies and procedures

Federation University has policies regarding student surveys. Please take the time to read these resources before developing your survey. For additional support, please contact

Support and tutorials

Support and tutorials can be found below, or via the official LimeSurvey documentation website.

How to