Oral presentation


Eligibility: Candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone by 1 April 2023.

Guidelines for submitting an oral presentation abstract (please access abstract template and example abstract from downloads below):

  • Abstract word limit (200 words)
  • Abstract title word limit (12 words)
  • Abstract must be on approved FedUni template (access template from downloads below)
  • All supervisors must be listed on abstract (include title)
  • Abstract must be submitted in word format not pdf format
  • Abstract must be approved and signed off by your principal supervisor (please ensure that the approval form is on a separate page to your abstract)
  • A clear digital passport size photo of your face (jpeg) must also be submitted with your abstract
  • Closing date for abstracts is Friday 2 June 2023
  • Abstract along with your supervisor's approval form and photo must be uploaded via the online submission form

Guidelines for oral presentation and PowerPoint slides:

  • PowerPoint must be on approved FedUni PowerPoint template (access template from downloads below)
  • Ensure that you download the guidelines below before preparing your slides
    • The total time allocated for a presentation is 15 minutes. Your talk must be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, which will leave time for audience participation.
    • The general rule of thumb, for a presentation where you will be “speaking to the slide” is that you should have no more than 1 slide per minute. Therefore, for a 10 minute presentation, you should have about 10 slides (including the title slide and end slide).
    • The Session Chair will introduce you and then start a 10 minute timer.  The Session Chair will let you know when there is 1 minute left of your allocated time and then ask you to stop presenting when your time has finished (going overtime may affect your overall score and feedback).
  • PowerPoint slides do not need to be submitted to the Conference Committee but please ensure you follow the guidelines as the use of unapproved templates will affect your overall score.


Download Oral presentation abstract template
Download EXAMPLE - Oral Abstract
Download guidelines for preparation of an oral PowerPoint presentation
Download PowerPoint Template 2023