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Oral presentation


Eligibility: Candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone by 1 Sept 2021.

Guidelines for submitting an oral presentation abstract (please access abstract template and example abstract from downloads below):

  • Abstract word limit (200 words)
  • Abstract title word limit (12 words)
  • Abstract must be on approved FedUni template (access template from downloads below)
  • All supervisors must be listed on abstract (include title)
  • Abstract must be submitted in word format not pdf format
  • Abstract must be approved and signed off by your principal supervisor (please ensure that the approval form is on a separate page to your abstract)
  • A clear digital passport size photo of your face (jpeg) must also be submitted with your abstract
  • Closing date for abstracts is Thursday 30 September
  • Abstract along with your supervisor's approval form and photo must be emailed to:

Guidelines for submitting an oral presentation PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint must be on approved FedUni PowerPoint template (access template from downloads below)
  • Ensure that you download the guidelines below before preparing your slides
    • The total time allocated for a presentation is 15 minutes. Your talk must be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, which will leave time for audience participation.
    • The general rule of thumb, for a presentation where you will be “speaking to the slide” is that you should have no more than 1 slide per minute. Therefore, for a 10 minute presentation, you should have about 10 slides (including the title slide and end slide).
    • The Session Chair will introduce you and then start a 10 minute timer.  Once the sound of the alarm goes the Session Chair will ask you to stop presenting (going overtime may affect your overall score and feedback).
  • PowerPoints must be emailed to:
  • Closing date for PowerPoints is Friday 12 November


Download oral presentation abstract template
Download EXAMPLE - Oral Abstract
Download guidelines for preparation of an oral PowerPoint presentation