Dr Vilim Filipovic

NameDr Vilim Filipovic 
Position Title

Research Fellow Soil Hydrology/Ecohydrology/Soil Physics; Future Regions Research Centre, Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Engineering Research Group (GHERG)

Phone+61 3 5122 6366


Short biography

Vilim has MSc degree in Agroecology with a major in Soil Regulation and Protection and a PhD in Environmental Soil Physics, both degrees from University in Zagreb, Croatia.

He focuses on understanding transport processes in soil by applying novel modelling approaches and examining the possibilities of decreasing environmental pressures on soil and water resources. His research interests are in soil water dynamics, preferential flow and non-equilibrium transport processes in soil, the fate of contaminants (e.g., nutrients, pesticides, trace metals, pharmaceuticals), mine rehabilitation ecohydrology, and numerical modelling within the soil vadose zone. He was the chief investigator of several projects focusing on the critical zone science within the soil-plant-atmosphere nexus.

The soil vadose (critical) zone represents one of the most complex terrestrial systems due to a wide range of processes occurring within its boundaries. The proper identification and quantification of these processes are crucial for reducing soil degradation and to limit environmental pressure on land and water resources. Numerical modelling can be used as a valuable predicting tool and in a combination with laboratory analytics and extensive field observations can lead toward a more sustainable environment.

Vilim is currently Associate Editor of Soil Science Society of America Journal and Vadose Zone Journal and is involved actively in different international societies focusing on soil (vadose zone) processes and numerical modelling.


  • MSc in Agroecology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • PhD in Environmental Soil Physics, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research publications/conferences

Professional memberships and associations

  • International Soil Modelling Consortium
  • Soil Science Australia
  • Soil Science Society of America
  • Soil Science Society of Croatia
  • European Geosciences Union
  • Interpore

PhD projects – ongoing

  • Estimation of soil water balance in arable hillslope using high-resolution field measurements and numerical simulations (with UNIZG, Croatia)
  • Identification and quantification of soil hydraulic properties and preferential flow in agricultural hillslope soil (with UNIZG, Croatia