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Dr. Threasa Meads

Lecturer, Writing

Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Churchill Campus, Online


Dr Threasa Meads is a Lecturer in writing at Federation University Australia, with research expertise in creative writing, particularly fiction, creative nonfiction, trauma, and hybrid writing. Dr Meads’ writing has a specific focus on life writing, the lyric essay, and feminist magical realism. Threasa’s research is driven by her passion for social justice, nurturing creative talent and inspiring excellence in creative and cultural production.

Threasa is a neurodivergent writer, artist and academic. She is the author of two liminal autobiographies, Nobody, which was shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award in 2008 and awarded a Varuna Fellowship in 2009, and Mothsong (Rare Bird Books). In 2012, she was emerging writer in residence at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre. Her writing crosses genres and has also been published in national and international journals including Cordite, Still Point Arts Quarterly, LiNQ, Double Dialogues, and TEXT.

The autosomamediality of neurodivergent folks’ Facebook pages

Intersections of Therapy and Aesthetics: Ekphrasis, Magic Realism, and Healing Child Abuse in Contemporary Autobiography

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Net Carries Water

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Liminal interventions in the regional creative writing classroom

Liminality is not only transition but potentiality, not only “going to be” but also “what may...

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We are in the epoch of simultaneity: we are in the epoch of juxtaposition, the epoch of the near...

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Mothsong : (a liminal autobiography)

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Nobody : a liminal autobiography

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Wishing Bone

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Bad Fruit

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