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Ms. Taiwo Oseni

Senior Lecturer, Enterprise Systems

Information Technology P



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Dr Taiwo Oseni is an early career information systems Lecturer and researcher, with interest in large enterprise and cybersecurity systems.

Viewing the usage of information technology through the lens of people, process and technology, Dr Oseni’s work incorporates a multidisciplinary perspective, including methodological lenses such as critical realism and design science, and emphasises the application of theories within this domain.

Taiwo is affiliated with the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory at Federation University Australia, where she investigates cybersecurity systems, practices and policies. She is currently supervising three research students in information systems-based cybersecurity research.

Taiwo joined Federation University in 2016 as an enterprise systems Lecturer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in electronics and electrical engineering, a Master of Science in engineering business management from the University of Warwick United Kingdom, and a PhD in information systems from Monash University Australia.

Field of Research

  • Information systems not elsewhere classified
  • Information systems user experience design and dev
  • Inter-organisational, extra-organisational and glo

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